Confessions of a nine to fiver


Sitting at the office desk

In front of the computer

I see my reflection in the excel gridlines

giving an illusion of prison bars


Just like convicts are trapped behind iron bars

Perpetually boxed in by digits and numbers

yes, that has been the essence of my life so far 

I know that financial security is needed to survive

But, these are candid confessions of someone who does nine to five 


I dream, like prisoners, to enjoy the warmth of the sun, 

to touch the green grass, to be caressed by the gentle wind

Tangled between bus shifts, computers, numbers and eating junk,

I dream to have that split second peace of mind


I wanted to travel, 

see the beauty of the world unravel

I longed to be a writer 

yes, that would’ve made my life a lot more brighter


Some might think that this analogy 

between prisoners and my bleak life is absurd and sappy

But just take a second to think 

Isn’t everyone who is not striving for his dreams

a prisoner, in his own mind…to some extent.

Blemished Destiny

Rummaging through the sands of time
I see ruckus, unrest, innumerable acts of crime

Evil done by me, people hurt by me
I see the mirror and witness a
Collage of lies, misdeeds
and bad luck circling me

Maybe I am the opposite of king midas
no golden touch, just some contagious virus
Sometimes I see a silver lining
Maybe evil exists,
Just so people appreciate the times which are shining

Primitivity – Are you still there ?

Sometimes I wonder
Isn’t it an ironic blunder
That mankind is perhaps the only race
‘WHAT HAVE I DONE ?’ is the doubt we frequently face

Yeah Yeah …. I know
IQ and intelligence
Actions and consequence
Gazillion reasons come to our defense

Fear of failure and that of disappointment
Fear of rejection and that of embarassment
Hovering forever
Subsuming the life out of life.

The real doubt is abstruse and ambivalent
Evolution is for good – Still Confident ????

Elixir of Life

Suppose it came down to crunch
Drink the elixir or
keep on living on a hunch
Would you ?

Exchange your mortality
For this planet’s brutality
Would you ?

Sacrifice the ground
Embrace the horizon
A new start is waiting to be found
Would you ?

No day forward …no night behind
Just keep on…keeping on
As if you are confined
Would you ?

Well…I say
Think and reply
Nature’s balance to defy
Wait for another retry

Late Night Ramblings …

If this had been done …
If this didnt happen…
‘If’…the footing of alter ego
Sure is the best amigo.

Drowsy late at night
A pillow neath you,…ceiling above you
Contemplation takes over
Thoughts of
A little less sober

Some get aspirations
Longing gets to some
Some lionize…Some summarize
Some emphasize on how to survive

Me… I write
Just to get through the night.

Drawing the Line

They say you are pure
Handful are like you anymore
My mind smirks at me
Says I disagree

They say you are close to God
Heaven is your next abode
I shudder at the very thought
Lucifer within me
Laughs for not getting caught

They say you are gratified
Even more laurels are ratified
Analogies are drawn that
Divinity is never mortified

Facing the mirror, I see
Cryptic Monstrosity that is me
Stairsteps not taken
People forsaken

Some day the Lord will say
Child it’s time
I’ve come here
to draw the line….



My beloved apathy …
You never earn me any sympathy
Alone I am and will be
Invariably you’ve ensured
I’m nothing but a catastrophe

I’ve had my fair share of dreams
Some mediocre some eerier
And some beyond me
But then enters thee
Holding me back indefinitely

I feel someday I’ll feel
And ruckus in my life will recede
life will be less unsavory
Vigor, zeal, exuberance would
blossom in my dictionary

Till then…
You are mine, I am yours
My beloved apathy